This week’s data hack:

Weird Problem. You have data. It’s in a spreadsheet. It’s FINE!

Then for whatever reason, your boss… co-worker… bride-to-be (with extra opinions to spare)… disagrees. The spreadsheet is as we like to say “single spaced” and needs to be “double spaced”.

English class all over again – except now it feels like more work – not like the clever way to quickly make your paper two pages.

Let’s do this:

Step by Step:

  1. Insert a column to the left of your data – column “A”.
  2. Begin numbering the rows of your data: 1, 2, 3, etc. If your data has headers, go ahead and give this numbering column a header of your heart’s desire.. Maybe “queso!”… I personally love queso.
  3. Now all of your data is numbered. Select all of the numbers you entered in column “A”. Copy and paste immediately underneath the last number in your sequence. You should have your sequence of numbers (1-10) followed by the sequence of numbers again (1-10).
  4. Select all of your data – this includes the empty cells next to your second sequence of numbers.
  5. Select the Sort & Filter button.
  6. In column “A”, Select Sort ? Smallest to Largest.


Delete column “A” and you have officially double spaced a spreadsheet.

To view the step by step instructions with pictures, click button below.


Happy boss, happy co-worker who refuses to eat anything but fish for lunch, happy bride, and most importantly, Happy You.

‘Till next time!