(and we like it that way)

P.S. Happy Pride, 2020!

Hey y’all,

Are you all about creating reports and sending them off to clients or others in your company? Do you want to add a few upgrades to your basic worksheets in Tableau.

Well we’ve got the trick for you!

We’ll cover creating a custom map background, worksheets as dashboard filters, adding new icons to shapes, AND animations.


The Main Upgrade – Mapbox!

So within Tableau, the map feature is one of the best ways to show performance by geography. You can track by zip code, country, state, city or latitude/longitude. There are a few built-in map style options (light, normal, dark, street, and outdoors), which you can find based on map needs or branding. ANOTHER option is to add a Mapbox style.


  1. Open Mapbox & Sign In (create a new account if you don’t have one already)
  2. Click New Style
  3. Choose which style best matches your dashboard *we chose Monochrome – Bubblegum variation*
  4. Customize colors and layers
  5. Click Share. Under Developer Resources, select Third Party and Tableau on the drop down.
  6. Copy Integration URL
  7. Open Tableau.
  8. Click Map > Background Maps > Manage Maps > Add
  9. Name the style. Paste URL from Mapbox into URL.

✔️ Now you have your new awesome map style along with the other options!! ✔️

When creating a dashboard, you want to make upgrades that improve one of the following:

  • Functionality
  • Insights
  • Clarity
  • Branding and Style

**DBD Extra**– There’s a few more upgrades made to the sample dashboard so that you can show off your data viz skills to your boss.

  • Puppy paw shapes showing off the level of profit instead of boring circles.
  • Use worksheets as filters in your dashboard (boo static dashboards!)
  • Animations (not that noticeable of change, just feels a tad more fancy)

Add Shapes outside of the Default Ones (Hello puppy paws!)

  1. Go to your File Explorer > My Tableau Repository > Shapes
  2. Add New Folder
  3. Rename and include icons you’d like to include in worksheet

Now they’ll show up under the ‘More Shapes’ section on Marks (click ‘Reload Shapes’ if you don’t see new folder yet!)

Use Worksheets as Filters in Dashboard

  1. In the dashboard, select which worksheet you’d like to use as a filter.
  2. Click the filter button

Now when you click on a specific element on the ‘source sheet,’ all the charts with ‘target sheets’ with that field will be filtered. Yay! And if you need edit the filtering, go to Dashboard > Actions.

That’s all for now! Have a great week ?