But I don’t have a home office…?

As we all band together to face COVID-19 and stop the spread of disease within our beloved communities, a lot of us are faced with a new reality – working from home (WFH!) ‘for the foreseeable future’.

While normally a WFH day would give us a surge of excitement that only iced coffee could induce: click-clacking on our laptops… still in our PJ’s… sitting on the couch… our pups snuggling up – the reality of this being the new norm can be overwhelming!

We at DBD are no strangers to working from home and want to share our WFH-Hacks to lower your stress levels and maintain productivity (? always included!)

#GOALS: WFH Success & Happiness

1) Set up your @-home work space

Try to mimic your office work space and minimize distractions. Easier said than done.

**3 year old maniacally smiles at you with their milk teeter-tottering next to your lap top**

If you share your home with one of these adorb munchkins – def try to use a room with a strong door ?, or at least a space that exudes some separation. Be sure to let your housemates (whether you birthed them or just share the rent) know what is expected of you during work hours and how they can best help you to achieve these goals. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

2) Just like in a good relationship – over communicate

Although… unlike in most of our actual relationships – be sure to keep it short and sweet ?.  Communicate more often than normal to your supervisors and give regular updates on your deliverables. If you manage a team – get ahead of the curve and communicate your expectations while coming up with a clear way to offer your guidance with any issues your staff may need to discuss.

3) PJ’s… we know its tempting! But Don’t!

You can maybe swing wearing your pajamas on Day 1, but take our advice and bite the bullet – getting into a different outfit will help set the tone for your productive day. Don’t Panic! We are not condoning full-on business profesh wear – DBD’s recommendation: your fave leggings and a casual top that you would be okay allowing your coworkers to see you in. In our world this means a nice cotton tee ?. You never know when you will need to hop on a web call to ask or answer questions!

4) Maintain the Balance – Woo-Sah!

Do you take breaks at work? Take them at home. Do you normally take an hour lunch? Then be sure you shut your laptop and eat your heart out. Are you out of the office by 6? Send your coworkers an “xoxo i’m out” over Slack/Teams and log-off at 6!

Now, put on your noise-cancelling headphones and check out DBD’s favorite WFH Spotify playlists:

Feel the Power!!: Tones & I Radio Not a Morning Person?: Mood Booster Get in the Zone: Lo-Fi Beats

The most important thing to do right now is stay safe and be vigilant. We care about you all <3!